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Elegant Destination Wedding Locations in Maine

destination wedding locations

It’s no wonder that couples now look to Maine as one of the best wedding destination locations in the country. There is a special allure about the Pine Tree State. Each year, thousands upon thousands experience Maine’s rugged beauty and tranquil environment, from its vast northern wilderness to its expansive, endless coastline. That it should… Read more »

Where to Celebrate Your Anniversary in Mid-Coast Maine

map of mid coast maine

Whether it’s your 1st year anniversary or your 50th, it’s important to take time to honor and celebrate the milestones in your relationship. We might be little biased but we think there is nothing more romantic than a getaway to Maine’s rugged coastline. The midcoast is defined by its rolling hills and green pines and is… Read more »

Foraging to Fishing: Maine’s Farm to Table Network

man fishing off boat in the ocean

Food culture in Maine has grown progressively over the years. Its bountiful harvest from the land and the sea provides fresh, locally sourced food for restaurants and markets in the state, and is also shipped throughout the region and the entire country. Northern Maine’s Aroostook County has long been renowned for its potato harvest as… Read more »

Winter Restore with a Weekend at the Spa

Spring Hotel Spa Packages

Thinking of a healthy getaway? A Maine spa may not be on your mind as winter’s icy grip lingers on into spring, and every muscle aches to the bone. Maybe a hideaway far into the mountains or a week somewhere in the tropics is inviting, but out of reach around your busy schedule. There is… Read more »

Maine’s Top Events for Foodies

Cooked Maine clams in silver pan

Aside from tangerine sunrises over the ocean, rugged shoreline, and deep pine-scented forests, the inspiration behind adventurous days in Maine are simultaneously fueled by another part of the imagination: what’s next on the menu? To the relief of every traveler, summit-seeker, and paddler’s appetite, the resource-rich state draws creative chefs from around the country and… Read more »